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Greatly Reduce Your Phone Expenses Using Voice Over IP Services in Sydney

Voice Over IP, or VoIP, merges your phone system with high speed Internet. Computing Intelligence provides the VoIP services Sydney businesses need to reduce costs, and connect more easily.

Voice Over IP is very simple to understand. Instead of your normal telephone system, your calls are transmitted using the Internet. This system makes it easier for you to communicate internally with your staff and externally with your customers, and do so at a lower cost. Businesses that spend a lot of time communicating over telephone, especially over long distances, can save substantially each month while transmitting more information.

VOIP Telephones

Benefits of Using VoIP for Sydney Offices

Computing Intelligence offers a wide range of Managed IT Services Sydney businesses enjoy, including:

Save Money – Instead of having a monumental phone bill that may charge you by the minute, you only have your predictable monthly Internet expenses.

Flexibility – VoIP makes it much easier to set up conference calls. Because the conversation is transmitted via a high-speed Internet connection, more data can be handled, and more individuals can join the call.

Low Maintenance – Voice of IP greatly reduces the amount of hardware and wiring needed for your phone system, and therefore reduces the amount of maintenance and repairs needed.

Leading Voice Over IP Setup Services

Your office could be ready to begin using Voice Over IP in as little as one day with the help of Computing Intelligence. Our IT experts will help you get started by:

  • Assessing your current Internet connection in order to determine that you will have plenty of bandwidth.
  • Setup and install a VoIP system that is customized to your needs.
  • Provide any networking solutions you may need to link internal offices or link additional branches of your company.
  • Along with these services, you will also benefit from our continued IT support.

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